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  • The Hamilton History

    Founded in 1892, Hamilton's historical journey travels from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Biel, the world capital of watchmaking in Switzerland. With a proven reputation for creating elegant and reliable timepieces, the collections combine strong American spirit with unrivaled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technology. The brand's timepieces have adorned the wrists of well–known American icons, including Presidents F. Roosevelt, D. Eisenhower and J.F. Kennedy. Hamilton's innovative role in the world of aviation, cinema, electric and digital technology shapes its remarkable 120–year existence.

    Hamilton's Remarkable Precision

    Hamilton's first watch, the Broadway Limited, becomes known as the "Watch of Railroad Accuracy" in 1892, providing reliable timepieces for American Railroads and drastically reducing serious rail accidents. Hamilton manufactures specialized timepieces, as the official timekeeper of the US Army starting in 1914, from bomb timers to marine chronometers. Today, the brand continues its commitment to offer precision-crafted, accurate timepieces. The 2014 Hamilton collection introduces the H-10, H-30, and H-40, which are Hamilton exclusive automatic movements. From the barrel to the escapement, the entirekinematic chain has been refined to increase the typical power reserve to 80 hours and assure optimal reliability and accuracy.

    Hamilton Leads in New Technology

    Hamilton presents the world's first electric watch in 1957, the Hamilton Ventura, run by the battery–powered Hamilton 500 series movement. In 1970, the brand introduces the world's first solid–state digital quartz–crystal wristwatch prototype. Named Pulsar, it uses LED (light–emitting diode) technology and has a bright red digital readout. Later in 2010, the Hamilton Pulsomatic is born; the first digital automatic watch with 120–day power reserve.
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