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Timepiece Protection Plan

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Timepiece Protection Plan

The Timepiece Protection plan is an upgraded option, extending beyond the Tourneau and Manufacturer's Warranties that come with every new watch. While these warranties cover just the internal movement, the Timepiece Protection Plan offers more comprehensive protection to keep your watch in pristine condition. See Terms and Conditions.
It includes the following:

Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive Protection

  • Available worldwide for up to 3 years for all timepieces under $35,000
  • Begins day of purchase
  • Must be purchased within 14 days of sale
  • Services performed by expert Tourneau technicians
  • Watches that cannot be repaired will be replaced*

Extensive Coverage

Extensive Coverage

  • Water damage, that does not exceed manufacturer's specifications
  • Broken and scratched crystal
  • Mechanical or structural failure. Mechanical failures are covered after the manufacturer's warranty expires
  • Refinishing of the case and bracelet
  • Strap replacements
  • Collapsed cases, bands, bracelets, straps, clasps, hands and dials
  • Damaged or discolored bezels, crowns and stems

Flexible Services

Flexible Services

  • Can be purchased with both a new or Certified Pre-Owned watch at time of purchase or within 14 days of purchase date
  • Pricing is tiered based on watch purchase price
  • Fully transferrable with proof of purchase from Tourneau
  • No deductible on covered repairs
Timepiece Protection Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the Timepiece Protection Plan if I already get the Tourneau warranty at no cost with my purchased watch?

The Tourneau Warranty provides coverage for only the internal movement of your watch. Any damage beyond that is not covered. The Timepiece Protection Plan offers coverage that includes:

  • Water damage, that do not exceed manufacturer's expectations
  • Broken and scratched crystal
  • Mechanical or structural failure, Mechanical failures are covered after manufacturer/Tourneau warranty expires.
  • Refinishing of the case and bracelet
  • Strap replacement
  • Collapsed cases, bands, bracelets, straps, clasps, hands and dials
  • Damaged or discolored bezels, crowns and stems
  • Lost and damaged diamonds and gemstones

What is the length of coverage for this plan?

The length of coverage is 3 years.

Can I extend coverage beyond 3 years?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Timepiece Protection Plan expires 3 years after purchase.

What if my watch can’t be repaired?

If your watch can’t be repaired, we will replace it* with another watch of comparable type, quality, functionality, features, and value as the original product. If replacement product is not available, a store voucher, not to exceed the original product purchase price plus sales tax paid will be issued. Product replacement or store voucher issuance fulfills the contract in its entirety.

Do I have any out-of-pocket costs with this plan?

No, there are no additional fees after the purchase of this plan.

Is this plan transferable?

Yes, this plan may be transferable by contacting the Administrator or Tourneau.

What if I need service?

If you need service, there are a few options available that include:

  • Bringing your watch to the nearest Tourneau store
  • Completing the online service form and mailing it in with your watch
  • Contact the Administrator at 1.866.368.1668 for instructions on obtaining repair or replacement.
  • Outside the United States, contact the Administrator by calling collect to 580.354.4324 or emailing us at

For domestic customers, call 1-866-368-1668.
For international customers, call 1-580-354-4324.

Are there others ways I can purchase the plan besides online?

Yes, you can purchase the Timepiece Protection Plan by calling Shop-at-Home at (800) 348-3332 Monday- Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, EST or visiting a store. If you do not purchase the plan at the same time as your watch, you can only purchase it at a Tourneau store within 14 days of the watch purchase date.

What is not covered by the plan?

The plan will not cover:

  • Loss or Damage due to misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized repairs or accidental damage
  • Rust, corrosion, or theft
  • Pre-existing conditions and inherent design defects

Plan is administered by Federal Warranty Service Corporation, except in FL, where United Service Protection, Inc. is the Administrator. The Obligor of the Plan is Federal Warranty Service Corporation in all states, except CA, where it is Sureway, Inc., and Florida, where it is United Service Protection, Inc.

*If the watch is replaced or a store value is issued, the Plan is fulfilled.

**Replacement is with comparable type, quality and functionality. If a replacement watch is not available, a store voucher is made, the plan is fulfilled (N/A in AZ and NV).

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