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  • Manufacture Vulcain

    Founded in Neuchatel Switzerland in 1858, Vulcain has patiently acquired years of creation, innovation and expertise. In 1947, Vulcain presented the first genuinely operational mechanical alarm wristwatch, equipped with what would become the legendary Cricket calibre.

    A significant milestone in horology, watchmakers and scientists succeeded in making a mechanical alarm wristwatch loud enough to actually awaken its owner. This marked the start of a new era for Vulcain, and the Cricket watch rapidly established itself. It was notably worn by Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and Johnson, thus earning it the nickname of "The Presidents' Watch". Vulcain is building on its exceptional heritage with a steady stream of innovations, writing a new chapter for the history of the brand.

  • Manufacture Vulcain

    Vulcain revives the dynamic 1950s with the launch of the 50s Presidents' Watch — a classic model echoing both the legend of the Cricket alarm movement and the mark it made on history by propelling Vulcain Cricket watches to the rank of "The Presidents' Watch". Inspired by a 1950s Vulcain model, the 50s Presidents' Watch houses the new Vulcain self-winding movement, Calibre V–21.

  • The Art of Cloisonee Enamel

    Nearly every year, the Manufacture Vulcain creates a limited series of timepieces with enameled dials. They use a complicated Cloisonne Enamel technique, allowing for extreme precision in design and exceptional quality in color. Each dial requires over a week of work and at least thirteen firings at about 800įC. During the process, fine gold wires outline the objects and prevent colors from mixing. Using a goose quill, the craftsman place enamel in each cell, and repeat many times to produce color shadings of optimal quality. For the finishing step, a diamond file soothes out the enamel, wires and the supporting gold plate.

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