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    The Clifton collection showcases the very quest for excellence that shaped the destiny of this company, founded back in 1830 by brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume. Appealing to those who wish to combine the art of living with elegance, the design of Clifton was purposefully inspired by models from the Baume & Mercier Museum's collection and revisited to fulfill contemporary directions, both in terms of size as well as functionality.


    The Classima collection is inspired by a slender watch from the late 1960s. The extremely pure case combining straight lugs with a guilloché silver-colored dial is unanimously appreciated by connoisseurs for whom minimalism and finesse are a token of durability.


    Created in 1987, Linea rapidly established itself as a jewelry-watch collection endowed with a strength stemming from its ability to be both understand and sophisticated, simple and complex, thanks to its interchangeable bracelet.


    Designed with a gentle aesthetic tempo, playing with an oval bezel nestled inside a soft, round case, Promesse is the recognizable descendant of a 1970s model from the Baume & Mercier museum collection.


    Capeland is a line of sport-chic watches. Inspired by a chronograph created by Baume & Mercier in 1948, these models feature a subtly traditional overall design radiating an elegance that accentuates its vintage charm.


    Inspired by 1940s watches and clearly standing out from established conventions, the rectangular design of Hampton watches exercises a self-evident appeal.
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    ORIGINS 1830Baume & Mercier's story begins in 1830 with the founding of a family business. Brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume opened a comptoir horloger (watch dealership) in the Swiss Jura. Loyal to their motto "Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality", the Fréres Baume company enjoyed rapid growth.
    PRECISIONBaume have set accuracy records and won various timekeeping competitions. In 1892, Baume's chronometer pocket-watch equipped with a tourbillon movement, won a timekeeping competition and the precision was to remain unmatched for over ten years.
    CREATIVE AND FEMININTYLouis-Victor was a true visionary who already intuitively sensed women's interest in watchmaking and gifted his daughter a gold pocket-watch in 1869.
    Paul Mercier knew that it was essential for the brand to live in step with the times and to embrace change. In the 1940s, building on this profound understanding of femininity, Baume & Mercier launched one of its most successful models: the Marquise.
    CLASSICISM AND MODERNITYThe emblematic Golden Fifties enable the brand to return to its roots and gain inspiration from the past in creating collections such as Capeland and Classima, as well as the new Clifton line.
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