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  • Since its foundation in 1997, in the French seaside resort of St-Tropez, TechnoMarine has symbolized a casual-chic lifestyle, the spirit of relaxed living. The dynamic Geneva Based watch brand is known for timepieces that mix a playful attitude with strong design. Living up to their name, TechnoMarine infuses elements of water into unexpected combinations - be they materials, methods or simply ideas.

    A TechnoMarine watch satisfies all pleasure-seeking aspirations and moves easily from one daily activity to the next. With an array of bright styles, a sporty spirit and distinctive aesthetics, the watches create an unrivaled position; a fun, global outlook, dedicated to 'joie de vivre'.
  • Whether a fast–paced regatta or a leisurely cruise, one thing is for sure: the UF6 Chronograph Grande Date collection is perfect for the man that wants it all. Each model takes design cues from the world of yachting, most noticeably in their unique high sheen shades. The carefully textured case sides mimic the undulating waves of the ocean and the forthright arrangement of the dial resembles a yacht's instrument panel.
    Inspired by one of the world's most popular diving destinations, the Black Reef collection is an ode to divers from all corners of the globe, united by their pursuit of adventure, beauty and fun. With a 500m water resistance, the luminous three–hand dial is easy to read underwater and the bezel is simple to grip and turn while wearing diving gloves. Whether diving Australia's famed reefs or simply daydreaming about them, TechnoMarine's Black Reef watch brings you one step closer.
    A celebration of TechnoMarine's iconic marine roots, the Treasure was the centerpiece to the brand's Cruise collection at Baselworld 2012. It is engraved with an enigmatic treasure map and studded with a colorful array of precious and fine stones, expertly cut and polished by hand: blue and pink sapphires, purple amethysts, green tsavorite, golden spessartite, facetted diamonds, and a ruby, carefully placed to mark the hidden treasure.
  • Not the one that screams, but the one that makes you confident and rare. From the extreme of your persona to your deeper self, you are always attractive and respected.

    The TechnoMarine advertising campaign is a gallery of portraits, as you have never seen it before: striking but genuine, fun but true, surprising but obvious, beautiful and special. Be part of the TechnoMarine saga as it is your world.

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