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  • Franck Muller Watchland is located in Genthod, a small village that enjoys exceptional views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, just a short distance from Geneva. Due to the incredible success experienced by the brand, the firm was forced to expand and, consequently, two buildings in the same style were built to house workshops for watchmakers, engravers and jewelers.

    It was at the end of the 80s, in the city of Geneva, that two men, Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes, met. They shared a passion for watchmaking each of them with vast complementary experience in the field. At the time, Franck Muller was making his own models under the "Franck Geneva" brand.

    Since 1986, each year he has presented his World Premiers based on prestigious complications, which earned him the sobriquet of watchmaking genius. As for Vartan Sirmakes, he made cases for several fine watchmaking brands in a workshop he had set up in a district of Geneva alongside Lake Geneva.
    In 1991, Franck called on Vartan to design his new case bodies. This is how the two men quickly realised that together their could allow them to create an exceptional brand - unbeknownst to them that, 20 years later, it would become one of the most reputable names in the world of watchmaking.

    Founded officially in 1991 in the village of Genthod, close to Geneva, Manufacture Franck Muller was established three years later, still in Genthod, in a mansion dating from 1905 and designed by the famous local architecht Edmond Fatio. This peaceful place of 16 hectares overlooking Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc then became more than just a production site; it turned into the concept called Watchland.
    In less than 20 years, the watchmaking brand has gained worldwide renown characterised by spectacular growth, enviable financial soundness and the production of 40,000 watches per year. Today the brand has 6 production sites in Switzerland, more then 500 employees in Switzerland. Globally there are 48 exclusive shops and 600 points of sale in more than 100 countries.

    Its success and fame has been built on its exceptional collections: from the Crazy Hours or the Vegas,models with fun complications, to the Aeternitas Mega — the most complicated wrist watch in the world with 36 complications and 1,483 components — as far as large complications are concerned. This last watch only reinforces the brand's label as the Master of Complications.
  • Every watchmaker's dream has always been to manufacture a complete watch. The Franck Muller Group continues this time-honoured culture by designing and manufacturing almost all the components of its timepieces.

    Franck Muller Group's perfect mastery of all its trades means that they can legitimately be referred to as a fine watch making brand.
    While it is true that only a master watchmaker can give life to a Franck Muller watch, it is also true that his work is reliant on the perfect quality of the component parts.
    The Franck Muller Group currently has 6 production sites across the Jura Arc, mainly in Geneva and in the Jura.This enables the group to have a great deal of freedom and independence in the watch making process.
    Independence allows the group the ability to react and satisfy demanding clients in short timeframes. Consequently, the components of the movement, cases, dials, hands, crowns, buckles, tongues and push mechanisms are fully designed and produced "in-house".
    The heart of a Franck Muller watch beats at a pace that pays tribute to high precision, while its soul lies in the extreme finesse of its mechanism. The creation of components for Franck Muller movements therefore requires a high degree of expertise and accuracy to achieve highly specialised manufacturing.
    Every Franck Muller movement and module is carefully polished, engraved and assembled by hand, since all of the parts must be in perfect harmony with the others to ensure impeccable reliability.

    Today, Franck Muller Manufacture is proude to honour its title as Master of Complications.
  • Reggie Jackson

    In May of 2011 legendary Yankee, Reggie Jackson, and esteemed watch brand, Franck Muller, debuted The Reggie Jackson Limited Edition Collection of Timepieces. The collection is exclusively sold at Tourneau.

    The Reggie Jackson Limited Edition Collection of Timepieces consists of 3 distinct watches, limited to a total of only 150 pieces. Each of the watches features a "44" instead of a traditional "4", in tribute to Reggie's retired New York Yankee number. In addition, each watch is engraved with Reggie's nickname, "Mr. October" on each caseback.

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