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  • TAG Heuer is one of the largest and most desired brands in the luxury watch industry. The Swiss legend draws upon its active engagement in the world of sports to create the most accurate timing instruments and watches in the world. TAG Heuer is the first watchmaker to master luxury chronographs with an unsurpassed precision of 1/10th, 1/100th, and 1/1,000th of a second. From the Olympic Games in the 1920s to its role as official timekeeper for the legendary Indy 500 race, with accuracy at 1/10,000th of a second, TAG Heuer is in a constant quest for innovation, excellence, performance and prestige, and continues to aim even higher.
    TAG Heuer, the world leader in prestigious and high-end chronographs, has participated in America’s Cup events since the 1960s, providing crews with technical support and special TAG Heuer eyewear and chronographs. The pioneering brand has launched a new fleet of limited-edition Aquaracers equipped with automatic helium valves and water-resistant to 500 meters. Named after the official length of the 34th America’s Cup boats, stamped with the official "Team USA" logo on the dial and the iconic AC72 boat on its case back, the CALIBRE 72 was co-designed by TAG Heuer and ORACLE TEAM USA and is the favorite of legendary team CEO Sir Russell Coutts and skipper Jimmy Spithill.
    Calibre 1887
    The Calibre 1887 in-house movement is a highly advanced column wheel/oscillating pinion integrated chronograph movement platform. Vibrating 28,800 times per hour, the Calibre 1887’s 39-jewel, 29.3mm x 7.13mm movement is made of 320 components and has a 50-hour power reserve. A powerful, robust and easy-to-maintain engine, it houses an audaciously re-engineered version of its inspiration, the brand?s 1887-patented oscillating pinion, along with a smooth-operating column wheel.

    CH 80
    The Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph houses the finest avant-garde mechanism in existence: the Calibre CH 80, an in-house manufactured movement combining thinness and endurance with an unprecedented 80-hour power reserve. Extremely slim (6.5 mm), this 233-part new movement is equipped with a vertical clutch system that gives it exceptional power and precision. Tri-Compax layout hearkens back to the design of vintage CARRERA timepieces with its, classic, easy-to-read design.
  • Tag Heuer Aquaracer
  • TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Indy 500 timepiece defines the essence of motor racing. Its sleek anthracite dial highlights the “Indy 500” logo along with checkered flag design in a stainless steel case.

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