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The Works of Leon Löwentraut

Discover Leon Löwentraut, the spirited artist making his debut at Bucherer TimeMachine

Bucherer Fine Jewellery Lacrima
The Bucherer TimeMachine store in New York City is known for its exquisite timepieces and jewelry and has always thought it would be a cultural hub where artists could gather. Now a reality, as we welcome you to come view the amazing work of young German artist, Leon Löwentraut. Part of the next generation of compelling and rising artists. His work will be on view through February 7, 2023.
Leon Löwentraut exhibit at Bucherer TimeMachine
Seven of Löwentraut’s works are exhibited at TimeMachine and you can explore all of them—a selection available for sale. However, for all art lovers who can’t decide on one specific piece, there's an exclusive partnership re-edition coffee table book: “Leon Löwentraut x Bucherer 1888.” The book features the most well-known artworks of the artist, including, “Liberty,” the painting he made for the celebration of the flagship boutique in 2021. The book is limited to 30 pieces, individually numbered and signed by the artist.

“Since the reopening of TimeMachine, we have had the pleasure of curating several exhibitions across multiple mediums… including works from Damien Hirst, Picasso, Renoir, Man Ray, Adam Parker Smith,” says Bucherer US CMO, Carina Ertl.

Leon Löwentraut identifies with the timepieces at Bucherer, remarking that, “I am a watch enthusiast and have been an avid collector for many years. This passion for watches led me to become a loyal friend of Bucherer Düsseldorf. The dedicated team there introduced Bucherer to lead me further into the world of fine watchmaking and I came to realize that watchmaking is true art. You may compare this to the creation of one of my paintings. Every stroke must blend and connect to the other. Same with the movement of a watch. What I like about Bucherer is that they carry so much tradition yet are innovative and never shy away from trying new things.”
Leon Löwentraut at work
“Painting is quite simply my passion,” says the 24-year-old Leon Löwentraut. Ever since he was 7-years old, he wanted to become a painter. With his color-saturated canvases and dynamic yet polarizing works, he has made a name for himself at quite an impressive rate. From paintings to light installations to XXL sculptures, Leon Löwentraut breaks boundaries, always with a cool composure. He knows exactly how to address today’s audience and gain their attention. His works have been exhibited in renowned galleries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US. This past November, in the US, he presented some selected works at ArtBasel Miami. With the exhibition at Bucherer TimeMachine, the Swiss company is pleased to provide Leon Löwentraut with a venue to share his exceptional artworks.
Leon Löwentraut exhibit at Bucherer TimeMachine
We invite you to come browse our impeccable watches and exquisite jewelry, view and enjoy this rare artistic event featuring the sensational, Leon Löwentraut.