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Rolex & The Open: Golf's Oldest Major

Traditionally contested in the United Kingdom during the third week of July, The Open is the fourth and final men's Major. Partnered with this competition since 1981, Rolex is today a privileged affiliate of worldwide golf.

Rolex - The Open
In the world of professional golf, one distinguished tournament stands above the rest – The Open. With a storied history dating back to 1860, it proudly holds the title of the oldest and most esteemed major championship of the sport. The responsibility of organizing this prestigious event falls to The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, also known as The R&A. Each year, The Open takes place at various courses across the United Kingdom, adding to its allure and tradition.
The tournament's roots can be traced back to the inaugural Open Championship, held on October 17, 1860, at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. Initially, it was a modest competition among a select group of professional golfers vying for the Challenge Belt. However, the championship quickly gained notoriety, evolving into one of the world's most celebrated golf events. Rolex, synonymous with excellence, has been associated with this esteemed championship for over four decades.
Rolex - The Open
The Open follows a stroke play format, spanning four rounds over four days, commencing on Thursday and culminating on Sunday. A diverse array of professional golfers and qualified amateurs from around the world are eligible to compete, making the event a truly international gathering. The championship's allure is further heightened by its rotation among iconic courses like St Andrews, Royal Birkdale, Muirfield, Royal Troon, Carnoustie, and Royal St George's.

The ultimate reward for the winner is the prestigious Claret Jug trophy, an iconic symbol of superlative achievement introduced in 1872. The Claret Jug has earned its place as one of the sport's most revered and recognizable trophies, a testament to the winner's mastery.

Notorious for its unpredictable weather conditions, The Open adds an element of challenge to an already demanding tournament. Swirling winds, driving rain, and cold temperatures can profoundly influence the outcome, testing the competitors' skill and resilience on the links.

Rolex - The Open
The Open Championship is cherished in the hearts of golf enthusiasts, celebrated for its rich history, challenging courses, and unforgettable champions. The Open's appeal extends far beyond the British Isles, drawing players and fans from all corners of the globe. The event's allure and tradition align with Rolex's illustrious crown, reflecting their enduring connection to the world of sports.

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Rolex - The Open