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The Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaid

A token of your affection for an everlasting friendship.

Bridesmaid Gift
The big day is fast approaching—maybe it’s a month or many months away—or maybe just a few weeks. The bridesmaids have been selected—all of your best friends. They all have their dresses (pink to signify the blush of endless love and the unending friendships you share with each and every one of them). Now’s the time to figure out what you might like to give them as a token of the day? We, at Tourneau | Bucherer and Bucherer Fine Jewellery, have some ideas.

First, we recommend something from the Lacrima collection, after all, she’s been your friend forever, so you want to gift her something better than smashing to pay tribute to your strong bond. Choose a feminine bracelet or ring to celebrate her. The signature tears on these wonderful designs can represent the tears of joy for a long, true friendship between the both of you, and the happiness you will intuitively share with her on this special day. Lacrima achieves a rare balance of classic design and a trend-forward look, with skillful styling designed for her, that confident women who revels in radiance on this day and every day.

Or designate a ring or necklace from B Dimension to show her your true feelings. B Dimension is exemplified by the sophistication found in simplicity and is perfect for your friend who embraces her clean blacks, whites and golds. Inspired by contemporary artists such as Ellsworth Kelly and Donald Judd, B Dimension is effortlessly minimal and architectural by design. Celebrate this bridesmaid’s contemporary predilections—since those who wear B Dimension find that less is truly more.

For that bridesmaid who’s an original, free spirit and epitomizes “Joie de Vivre,” the Peekaboo collection is created with just her in mind. Pick out a necklace or ear pins to enhance her natural beauty. Each piece features one rare focal stone, whether round, cushion or emerald cut, to lend a vibrant sparkle that reflects her energy and zest for life. An homage to impromptu spontaneity, these designs are made for bold statements and stylish events. For women who seize the day, whatever the day brings.

With these collections of Bucherer Fine Jewelry in the forefront of your mind, we’re sure you’ll select the pieces that best suit each of your unique bridesmaids. Give them a gift to remember your day as the bride and the indelible bond you share, and how significant and extraordinary each bridesmaid is to you.

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