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Bucherer Fine Jewellry: A Reputation of Innovation and Adventure

Bold colors, delicate craftsmanship, and a grounding in shared history set Bucherer Fine Jewellery apart.

Bucherer Fine Jewellery Lacrima
Since 1888, Bucherer has taken its keen eye for craftsmanship and innovative design and applied it to the radiant world of fine jewelry. They have created collections that capture the natural beauty of rare quality gemstones and emphasize the cutting edge of gemology. Bucherer High Jewellery creates a further distinction in quality by offering pieces that elevate the craft of jewelry-making to an unparalleled expression of personality.

The women behind Bucherer High Jewellery

Bucherer High Jewellery pays tribute to two impassioned women: Carl F. Bucherer’s wife, Louise, and their daughter-in-law, Wilhelmina. Louise, who opened the first Bucherer Boutique for watches and jewelry with her husband in 1888, was integral to the company’s success. Since the beginning of the Bucherer brand, she was a champion of the jewelry collections within the business, lending her keen eye and natural taste to the selection.

Wilhelmina, or Mina to friends, was married to Carl and Louise’s son, Carl Edward Bucherer. She harnessed her entrepreneurial instincts to help her husband and his brother expand the brand internationally. Her cosmopolitan taste and savvy business sense were integral to the burgeoning business. She also took a special interest in sourcing materials for gemstones. She could often be found on expeditions around the world to find the rarest and most exquisite gemstones to include in their jewelry, until her untimely death in a shipwreck on route to South America.

The integral contribution of these two women is honored by Bucherer Fine Jewellery by capturing their cosmopolitan taste and adventurous spirit in each exquisite piece. Both women pushed beyond the bounds of traditional expectations set for them. This daring independence and passion is the inspiration behind Bucherer High Jewelry.

A refined taste of Bucherer High Jewellery

This collection invokes the complexity of the independent and passionate women that inspired it. Each piece showcases the highest quality of craftsmanship. Bucherer sources stones from all over the world to ensure the best color and clarity. Then, they curate rare and delicate cuts and settings that showcase not only the quality of each stone but emphasize its expressive potential. Through this combination of quality and innovative craftsmanship, these collections capture the duality of cosmopolitan femininity and fearless exploration.
The Manhattan Collier
The Manhattan Collier

Inspired by the New York City Skyline, the Manhattan Collier is a statement piece as uniquely eclectic, intensely brilliant, and complex as the city it’s named after. This necklace features some of the most highly sought-after gemstones in the world. Eight deep green-blue Indigolites are set next to ten bright blue zircons and nine violet-blue tanzanites. These gemstones create a unique interplay of brilliant cool tones that are further highlighted by the unique geometrical design of the setting. Completed with 300 baguette-cut diamonds, this piece truly captures the drama and delight of New York City.
The High Aquamarine Cuff
The High Aquamarine Cuff

The Sparkle collection from Bucherer High Jewellery focuses on the duality of the Bucherer women, incorporating shapes from their home city Lucerne, Switzerland and paying homage to Wilhelmina’s love of colored gemstones. This collection contrasts rare gemstone combinations to highlight the intense brilliance of each stone. The High Aquamarine Cuff continues to elevate this contrast by off-setting it in a brilliant array of 992 colorless diamonds. The center gemstone is an intense 17.96-carat Santa Maria blue aquamarine surrounded by a cascading selection of six sapphires and six emeralds that highlight the Brazilian stone’s famous vibrance.
Yellow Diamonds Necklace Masterpiece
Yellow Diamonds Necklace Masterpiece

Yellow diamonds bring warmth and femininity to the old Hollywood elegance of this piece. The colorless diamonds surrounding the chain draw the eye toward the yellow diamonds that cascade downwards, culminating in a 7.02-carat Fancy Light Yellow Pear Cut Diamond at the center. Worn by Madonna in her 2021 photoshoot with V Magazine, this piece showcases the contrast between traditional femininity and passionate daring that Bucherer High Jewelry exemplifies.
Firework Diamond Ring
Firework Diamond Ring

The Firework Diamond Ring brings the passion and excitement of a firework show to your finger. This cocktail ring features several colorless diamonds exploding from the center point to create a unique effect that not only invokes celebration but shows off the stones’ brilliance. This ring represents the spirit of Louise and Wilhelmina by balancing boldness and elegance.

Bucherer High Jewelry upholds the legacy of the Bucherer women by infusing their unique spirit into each piece of fine jewelry. Inquire about these pieces in store at Tourneau | Bucherer and capture the Bucherer women’s cosmopolitan taste and adventurous spirit for yourself. .