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Tourneau has the largest factory authorized watch service center in the United States and includes a fully staffed service department in every store. We always offer complimentary estimates for all domestic repairs. View a comprehensive menu of Tourneau services below.

A few of our convenient in-store watch services include:

Battery Replacement

Tourneau replaces over 100,000 batteries a year. In addition, we perform a water resistance test to detect leaks that can be repaired during the battery replacement. Any watch purchased at Tourneau receives this service at no charge.

Sizing & Other Adjustments

Whether you purchased your watch at Tourneau or elsewhere, our professional staff will provide you with the perfect fit. Any watch purchased at Tourneau receives this service complimentary.

Polishing & Refinishing

If you wish to redeem that original shine in your watch, bring it to a Tourneau store. Materials requiring further care can be sent to our authorized service center, equipped with a specialized staff capable of resolving almost any issue.

Straps & Bracelets

Tourneau provides a diverse selection of replacement straps and bracelets for your unique timepiece. Any items not in-store can be special ordered through our service team; the possibilities are endless.

Mechanical Watch De-Magnetism

Is your watch running fast? Many mechanical watches are disrupted when magnetic fields penetrate the timing element. Tourneau will conduct a test and, if necessary, apply an inverse magnetic field to restore the timepiece's normal function. This service is complimentary.

Water Resistance Maintenance

Protect your watch from water damage. This maintenance includes the replacement and lubrication of gaskets and seals to ensure continued water resistance.

Tourneau Service Center

Our factory authorized watch service center provides the following more sophisticated services:

Complete Maintenance

This service restores the timepiece to its original factory specifications and prolongs the life of the watch. Most mechanical watches require a full maintenance every three to five years, depending on the brand specifications.

The complete maintenance includes disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of the movement where worn parts are replaced, and improvement in the timing of the watch.


Remember your special occasions with Tourneau's complimentary engraving program; available for all new watch purchases.


Original finish can wear off over time. Tourneau offers Rhodium, 18k and 14k plating options for your specific watch needs.


Rejuvenate your watch to its original look. The use of a customized machine, fit with wheels of different "grit", recreates the finish applied to the authentic watch material.