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We all desire our gifts to be uniquely memorable, no matter the occasion. The gift of time lasts forever, for the link between a watch and the one who gave it is everlasting. At Tourneau, we have an extensive collection of these eternal time keepers and dedicated experts to help you discover the one perfectly right for those at the top of your list.

Here we give savvy advice on finding a watch they'll treasure forever.

What makes them tick?

Watches are often crafted with individual passions in mind, designed and inspired by everything from race cars- think chronographs, to astronomy- seek out a moonphase. A jetsetter at heart? GMT watches display multiple time zones―so one can travel the world without ever losing track of time.

Protect your investment

All watches require care. Buying from an authorized dealer with backed warranty options will ensure that this life-long investment is always in the right hands. Anything from an ultra-sonic clean to a complete maintenance will be delivered with ease and expert care.

Engrave with love

Get personal with your gift by adding a unique engraving― complimentary when you purchase at Tourneau. Initials, dates, or maybe even a written phrase, is a signature touch for an everlasting memory.

Have them pick favorites

Have friends and family save watches to their 'watch tray'―a virtual tool to share with you. When used in combination with your scheduled appointment, the store is able to gather the chosen selections beforehand, creating the ultimate customized shopping experience.

Learn the lingo

Knowledge is a priceless tool. Learning a few technical terms will help you separate one watch from all the rest. The difference between functions, materials, movements, and bezels will all aid in your decision. The more you know about watches, the closer you are to giving the perfect watch.

Schedule an appointment

By scheduling an in-store appointment, you will have an assigned watch expert ready and waiting at the store when you arrive.