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  • Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth collections are BVLGARI's unique watch collections developed in the high-end and grandes complications segment. A collection representing a perfect merger of the cutting-edge skills of Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth Manufacturing with the prestigious image of BVLGARI, a strong name in the world of luxury, integrating the aesthetic qualities with the mastery of watchmaking operations.

    High Watchmaking

    A re-launch of BVLGARI's best selling line, the collection is inspired by the iconic brand statement of the BVLGARI logo. The new BVLGARI BVLGARI Lady collection features a sleek case and enhanced refined dial is embellished with precious material and an interchangeable bracelet. For the men's collection, the new 43mm white dial contains hand-applied indexes and a curved case which fits ergonomically on the wrist.

    Bulgari Classic

    The Serpenti collection draws its inspiration from the most iconic symbols of the brand's heritage and the charisma of the BVLGARI's style. The updated iconic timepiece blends the aesthetic of the Tubogas snake bracelet with the desire for a beautiful, playful and comfortable watch. The bezel is encrusted with 28 diamonds that surround a black opaline dial with satiné soleil decoration, and a pink rubellite cabochon set.

    Iconic Serpenti

    An icon of the BVLGARI assortment since 1988, the name represents the Diagonal design of the watch and the Greek word "agon, "which means "competition." It represents a rich assortment of watches from casual rubber watches to sport-elegant manufacture pieces. It is offered in distinctive designs combining different materials such as steel, gold, diamonds, mother of pearl and contrasted chromatic effects.

    Sporty Diagono

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