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Protect Your Investment

Keep your timepiece in pristine condition for the next three years. Whether you're a watch collector or purchasing your first fine timepiece, the Timepiece Protection Plan enhances Tourneau's superior service experience. All fine timepieces require care. The Timepiece Protection Plan provides all the extra care you need for up to three years, providing buckle-to-buckle coverage, so that you may wear your timepiece worry-free.

Timepiece Protection Plan

Tourneau offers the option of two or three year Protection Plans for any timepiece under $25,000. Protection begins the day of purchase and covers cosmetic damage and strap replacement, along with all covered parts including the crystal, crown, case and movement. No matter where you are in the world, this buckle-to-buckle Protection Plan from Tourneau has you covered.

The Timepiece Protection Plan can be purchased with your new or Certified Pre-Owned watch at the point of sale. The Timepiece Protection Plan is also available for purchase within 14 days of the watch sale date shown on the receipt. Timepiece Protection Plan pricing is tiered based on your watch purchase price. Contact your local Tourneau store for details.

Plan is administered by Federal Warranty Service Corporation, except in FL, where United Service Protection, Inc. is the Administrator. The Obligor of the Plan is Federal Warranty Service Corporation in all states, except CA, where it is Sureway, Inc., and Florida, where it is United Service Protection, Inc.

Plan is currently not available in CT, OR, OK, WI, WY, AZ and UT via

Benefits Include:

  • •   Up to three years of protection*
  • •   Coverage for normal wear & tear,
        including refinishing of the case & bracelet
  • •   Strap replacement, as needed
  • •   No deductible
  • •   Worldwide coverage
  • •   Calibration & cleaning
  • •   Coverage of all functional watch components
  • •   Service performed by expert Tourneau technicians
  • •   Toll-free helpline with translators who speak your language
  • •   If your watch can't be repaired, we'll replace it!**

*If the watch is replaced or a store value is issued, the Plan is fulfilled.

**Replacement is with comparable type, quality and functionality. If the watch is replaced or a store voucher is issued, the plan is fulfilled.