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  • A Tradition of Excellence

    It all began in 1860, when Louis–Ulysse Chopard, a talented young craftsman, established his workshop. Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010, the firm is still pervaded by the spirit instilled in it by its founder. It has been nurtured by a blend of fine hand craftsmanship and daring technical developments. Chopard continues to be governed by its enduring principles, including a taste for excellency, the pursuit of quality, creativity, innovation, independence, and fundamental human respect.

  • The sculptor, a jeweler by training, shapes an object in modeling clay and then fashions a wax prototype. He works alongside traditional jewelers, using the same tools as his colleagues: gravers, cutters, files, tweezers, and a soldering iron. Their work can take an entire week to complete.
    If there is one profession that demonstrates the extent to which watchmaking is an affair for specialists, it is that of balance-spring fitter. The régleuses focuses on the five parts constituting the beating heart of the watch: the balance, the balance-staff, the balance-spring, the collet and the stud. This dying art only exists in a handful of authentic Manufactures, one being the Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier.
    The electroplating workshop looks very much like an alchemist's laboratory. Electrolytic processes apply layers of metal to parts (made of metal themselves) to protect and embellish them. After the process is complete and the parts have acquired their definitive appearance, they are ready to be sent to the workshop of the watchmaker who will assemble them.
    Chopard's gem-setter's push the limits of their craft by inventing new types of settings and driving the gems into parts of the jewelry that are quite thin, small, or hard to reach. Gem-setter's bring the designers ideas to life.
    Complications watchmakers work in almost a completely silent atmosphere that is calm and peaceful. Their craft consists in assembling and adjusting the most complex watch models. These gifted micro-mechanical specialists devote their talent to complications such as tourbillon escapement, the perpetual calendar, and striking mechanisms. Keep in mind, a relatively complex movement general houses at least 350 parts.
    Chopard is one of a few watch and jewelry manufacturers that has its own in-house gold foundry. They make five categories of 18 carat gold, which is ideal for setting stones and protecting the pieces from daily life wear.
  • Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2011

    The great sporting classic from Chopard

    A true classic will never age, provided it is perpetually reinvented. The Mille Miglia watch, an iconic sports watch since 1988 when Chopard began its partnership with this legendary race, has become one of the great watchmaking legends.

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